Spiritual Soul Session

Let me listen to your story

As a Soul Speaker I am here to challenge you in remembering what you already know. Through my 1 on 1 sessions, group sessions (coming soon) or workshops, I help you to connect with yourself again on many levels.
My dance therapy knowledge, witch talents, spirituality, creative silliness, playfulness, open hearth and empathy are helping me in guiding you to become your true self.

Spiritual Soul Session - 1 on 1 

Struggling with some questions you don't know the answer too?
Lost someone and still want to ask/say something to this person? 
Or just interested in what your guids want to share with you? 

I can help you by making the invisible visible. 

We start with a meditation/movement excercise to tune in, and then we dive into the information the Soul wants to remember.
I use my pendelum, tarot/oracle cards, dance/movement and most of all my intuition to guide us and discover the story you need to remember.

A deep Soul Session costs 122 euro. We really take the time to dive deep into the question and create the whole story that is needed for you to hear.
For a shorter session where there is no need for you to dive to deep, I ask 66 euro.

We can meet in person (in Belgium, Antwerpen). Or we can create a safe space online. 

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